A Numbers Game

Get Gatz

We have received orders form Markus to go and secure a possible Alpha psyker called Obadiah Gatz. The intel we have received places him in the remote area of Setfal some 4 days away by land train. I’ve not the time to go myself as I have to return the favor to “The Family” or risk having my cover blown so I am sending Nix, Alexis and Jester to go and check it out.

The Story so Far

The story so far…

Penelope has been set her final task as an acolyte by Inquisitor Markus to route out a heretical group on a planet on the fringe of imperial controlled space, her first solo command. The planet has been suffered with riots caused by violent street gangs.

Little did the inquisition know but the corruption had more sinister plans than they would leave a fledgling inquisitor to uncover.



This is my report on the mission in the Tel’Kar system.

We arrived at the Giramahoro space port as refugees as suggested. Alexis was more than helpful smuggling us through the gates. I am sure that no one guessed who we are. I sent Trigger planetside early to meet with some of the contacts whilst I kept my ear to the ground to listen for any stories about these – so called – pits.

After lying my way into the governmental head quarters, unknown to them, and checking out the situation I was surprised to discover that not only are these “pits” legal, but there are a lot of them. I also stole a copy of all of the informants on the continent.

We spent two days acclimatising ourselves with the cultures and ecology of the planet and it’s peoples dialects. During this time we learned that the planetwide feeling is that the Imperium has no real say in what happens in the ruling of the planet. I was unsure whether or not this was apathy or open rebellion but all of the Imperial trade lines were intact and the Imperial law was still technically in place.

Though it took some time and chasing a few dead ends one of your informants came through, John Crowley and it was Trig’ that met him in a bar.

It was after this meeting, that one of the patrons came up to Trigger, not wanting trouble he started towards the door but the man’s face was familiar and when the drunk spoke, even slurred Niko recognised him. It was Howard Baxter his old squad mate from back in the guard.

After Trigger mentioned that we could put him to work, I decided to integrate Jester into the retinue. He is huge and maybe when this is over I’ll put him through another Ogryn test or at least check his DNA to see if he is more closely related than you or me.

We checked out the gangs and discovered that the some, possibly all of the rioting was being secretly supplied by a weapons manufacturer named Cross and Nunn.

Next we snook into a riot zone and stole some data-slates from a Rhino class transport vehicle belonging to a Cross and Nunn riot suppression team. I got beaten to a pulp, my own fault for going in head first again, but an Inquisitor should lead from the front, that’s what you taught me.

I got arrested in and protected my cover I had to ask for a favour from the Montisourri Family.


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