Adanalii / Wayne Psymbiosis

A devious, twisted, horror-inspiring character who revels in the chaos caused by Terror

WS BS S T I Wp Sg Nv Ld
44 0 33 42 49 79 93 72 23


Special Abilities

  • Daemonic-Harrowing**
  • Possession
  • Fearsome

In addition Adanalii’s close combat attacks have the Mind Stealer deamon weapon attribute.

Psychic Powers:

  • Mindshock
  • Psychic shriek
  • Terrify
  • Whipser
  • Symphony of Pain

*Chains: In addition to the equipment above the chains restrict movement. Adanalii may not do the following:

  • Move faster than running speed, except when charging
  • may not Parry nor counter attack in close combat
  • May not use hands for anything such as holding a weapon or any equipment

**Harrowing: Characters in close-combat with a Harrowing character must take a WP test at the end of each turn. If they fail the test then they suffer D6 damage to their injury total.
When in close combat with Faithful characters such as Priests or Sisters of Battle, then Adanalii must take the test instead.

When in 40K Style Play Adanalli uses the following profile:

3 3 4 4 1 3 1 8 -

Special Rules: Invulnerable save: 5+; Psyker mastery level 1; Fear; Fearless

Psychic Powers: Pain


Range S AP Type
24 8 4 Assault 1

Adanalii is a “Slaaneshi Herald of Chaos:” a daemon entity striving to instil pain and psychic torment in the form of nightmares and misery to all nearby.

He is currently a parasite in the mind and soul of the veteran Wayne.

Wayne was good friends with Penelope during her time as an acolyte for Markus. During a skirmish in dungeon cavaty filled with strange glowing cylinders he takes a psychic blast from a young sorcerer. The blast ricocheted of his face and left him with deep lasting brain damage.

Originally Markus was going to have Wayne exorcised and restored as a servitor and put to good use. Penelope, however, refused to allow this and argued with Markus over his fate. Eventually Penelope was allowed to be his handler and Wayne processed to protect him from the reality tearing nature of Adanalii and his dark and twisted sense of humour. She has also bolted his hands together and shackled his ankles so any attempt to move is severely restricted.

What is left of Wayne is in constant battle for control over his body and often his personality and memories break through. Other times Adanalii is leading and at this time his psychic powers are formidable, creating vast and horrifying illusions created from nightmares that his victims had forgotten. Drawing on the painful memories of his foes he can quickly turn the direction of a battle by rendering many of the foes totally comatose, screaming in agonising misery at some of the crimes they may have committed, or wanted to.

For the majority of the time he is a quivering wreck and nothing that comes out of his trembling mouth makes much sense. To take him into battle Penelope garbs him with a series of chains which contain slates on which are carved spells of warding. He also has the pleasure of wearing Pentogramic wards which vastly constrict his daemonic powers.

Adanalii has the ambition to conquerer small worlds and in many ways the means to do so should an opportunity come to pass…

For unknown reasons he is stuck inside Wayne. Perhaps his summoning was only partial or perhaps his rune of Voiding was incomplete. For some bizarre reason Wayne is still inside as is Adanalii.

Would you like to know more? Clearance level required: Obsidian

Password: ********

Access granted

Exert from The Diary of the Forsaken Wake. It once belonged to High Inquisitor Penelope Lorraine, deemed heretic.

The bullets were flying thick and fast through the air. I had been pinned down behind this mound of mud and sand for longer than I cared to admit. The seething, cold body of Adanalii lay next to me. He was injured.

I engaged my senses trying to shrug off the salty smell of fish and focussing on what I could hear. Muffled movements echoed around the cavern wall and shadows danced around. This is it. I have to make some noise and buy time for Trigger and Alexis to arrive.

I cradled Dragonfly in my right hand and drew my old revolver in the other. The little pistol did not pack a lot of kick but it could produce a hell of a lot of beams. Squeezing the trigger the silvered nose of the pistol burst into life whizzing with glee as the red lines raked the enemy positions. I sat back down, realising I was out gunned. This was the first time I got a good look at their locations.

“Adanalii,” I growled, “Get up – I’m tagging you in! I need you to take out these soldiers before they overwhelm us.” Bullets hissed over head, light from the barking guns played round the cavern fragmenting shadows and distorting the sounds of movement. I could tell one thig through. They were getting closer.

Adanalii did not speak. I think what was left of Wayne had convinced him to satisfy his need for terror on my opponents. He slowly ambled to his feet as bullet whizzed past. I took this brief respite as an opportunity to attack and joined the oncoming assault. I span to my feet and raised the revolver in the direction of the nearest assailant, and gunned into his shoulder. There was a plume of flesh and blood as he fell back clutching his wounded limb.

They retaliated in full force. A well aimed fragmentation grenade struck Adanalii in the chest and sent him sprawling to the floor his chains scintillating and jostling as he fell. The grenade itself detonated a second after contact, sparing him from oblivion but covering him in burns and shrapnel.

Now they had done it. Adanalii reeled from the pain and allowed it to caress his body as he rose, slowly, the power of pain seeping under his skin and into the depths of his mind. He barely even moved as he locked his gaze onto the victim. The Daemonhost’s eyes glittered and beamed a with hellish delight as his mind penetrated his target. He took a satisfying deep breath and suddenly the man was overcome. He howled in absolute horror as in his mind his worst nightmares became fully formed. Adanalii began to grin as he felt the joy of nightmare flow from him.

Fully roused for battle Adanalii was a terrible sight to behold. He shambled forward, his heavy footfalls slogging into the ground as he pounded towards his soon to be victims, his head lolling from side to side. With a snap of his pale fingers the air in the cavern took on a deeper more painful feeling. Whereas once it was dank, musty and reeked of fish, now it seemed to heave and ache with fear.

Adanalii was now advancing, the bullets were becoming fewer and fewer in number as the would-be assailants cowered and twitched as Adanalii approached. One of them was writhing and screaming as the nightmare descended. He was metres away now and bringing the full might of his warp spawned nature to bare like some horrible gun unleashed at point blank range. His arms flexed and a shadow flashed forwards sinking into his prey’s eyes as tears began to stream down my face. I found that not only were my opponents succumbing to Adanalii’s presence but I was too.

I focused my mind and reasserted my strength of will and rallied. I could hear more fleeting screams. I bolted straight up and pointed Dragonfly at the nearest soldier as I ran after the shambling daemonhost.

Adanalii was now drawing light in from and empowering his blows with greater ferocity. His eyes flashed round and looked toward me and a shallow sense of bleakness began to take me over. I prepared my mind.

As the mayhem and the screaming began to die down. Trigger and Alexis ran in from the mouth of the cave and began bringing up the rear. Trigger opened fire on the remaining assailant and dropped with a single blow to the head. “Well played team,” I said. And the battle was over.

Adanalii / Wayne Psymbiosis

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