Elsiah Ska'De

Tool-monkey. He has a vast array of equipment on his battle harness.

WS BS S T I Wp Sg Nv Ld
29 32 38 52 33 42 59 28 32

Character archetype: Technical Savant

Elsiah is Right-handed

1. Electro-flail;
2. Half Plate Armour
3. Closed Helmet with built in rebreather
4. Shoulder Mounted Laser Cutter

Special Rules:
Tech-Head (10)


Kicked out of the Schola Progenium for building a low yield warp-bomb. He claimed it had no detonator but he was still kicked out of the school and was lucky to not have been victimised by the Inquisition.

He works for Lady Alexis on her barge as an engineer. He is massively over qualified, is egotistical and a bit of a dick but has a soft spot for Penelope whom he affectionately refers to as Pen.

During a recent attack on the ship by pirates he found himself quite useless and scared. Because of this he felt he had let himself down because he had failed to meet a challenge. He took this as an opportunity to fasion himself some kind of battle harness and build “Combat Switches” into some of his tools so that should the ship ever come under attack from more pirates then he can be ready.

He is currently memorising and improving on the designs for some las weapons. He is something of an aspiring weaponsmith.

Elsiah Ska'De

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