Kaile Senechal of Slaanesh

WS BS S T I Wp Sg Nv Ld
56 0 53 54 62 81 93 72 23

Character type: Daemonhost


  • None

Special Abilities

  • The Chaos Mark of Slaanesh: Pain (2)
  • Agony*
  • Daemonic-Harrowing**
  • Possession
  • Terrifying

*Agony: All of Kaile’s close combat attacks count as “Shock weapons”

Psychic Powers:

  • Brainflayer
  • Gift of Agony
  • Phantasm
  • Hellshriek
  • Symphony of Pain

**Harrowing: Characters in close-combat with a Harrowing character must take a WP test at the end of each turn. If they fail the test then they suffer D6 damage to their injury total.

When in close combat with Faithful characters such as Priests or Sisters of Battle, then Kaile must take the test instead.


Clearance level: Black*

The data from Inquisitorial archives suggests that Kaile is a Slanneshi Daemon, probably holding the rank of Herald. When he was last seen, his level of possession was nearing completion, it is thought that he is now in perfect control of his host.

He is the Warp Brother of the Daemon Adanalii. He is older than Adanalii, most of the time.

Would you like to know more? Clearance level required: Obsidian

  • Password: ********
  • Access granted
  • Exert from The Forsaken Diary. It once belonged to High Inquisitor Penelope Lorraine, deemed heretic.

His eyes sparkled darkly as he turned his gaze toward me. I felt a chill run me through and my eyes began to water. As it turned to face me it’s mouth began to open and it breathed out. It’s eye’s thrummed with dark power and it’s breath became a howl. I felt a sharp pain in my head burst and I was overcome. I fell from the table and I crashed towards the floor.

As I came round the sharp pain in my head was replaced by a dull throb in my arm. I scrambled to my feet and glanced around. He daemonhost was gone. I leapt to my feat and flexed my arm to get the blood flowing, I approached the door of the musky room and could here a conversation with at least one familiar voice. I crept to the doorway and edged around the frame looking out. I could now see the daemonhost talking with Adanalii of all people. I was Nonplussed as you can imagine, but not as much as I would be. The conversation seemed to be occurring on several sub-psychic levels as well, however, being blunt I could not make that out.

I drew Dragonfly and approached I was about thirty metres behind the daemonhost when Adanalii voice grew, “Not like last time. It can’t be like last time, worlds were lost then, but the galaxy is changed.”

“This round will go to me, as have the first six,” spoke the daemon, his voice whimsical and charming.

“No,” said Adanalii his voice growing, “this time, brother, I shall be victorious.”

Kaile Senechal of Slaanesh

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