Grenadier Sgt Nikolai Krevchenko AKA "Trigger"

A sharp shooting, straight talking veteran.


Character type: Veteran

“I just didn’t think that the grenade would do that much damage” – Trigger


WS BS S T I Wp Sg Nv Ld
52 59 56 58 64 55 41 57 70


Crude Bionic Lungs

Battle Dress

CQB Loadout

Betsy – 3 Magazines
Precision Stubber – 1 Magazine
1 Fragmentation grenade
1 Photon Flash grenade
Full Carapace Armour and Closed Helmet with integrated comms and gas mask

Ranger Loadout

Bullpup Rifle with bipod and telescopic site – 2 Magazines
Precision Stubber – 1 Magazine
1 Fragmentation grenade
1 Smoke grenade
Full Carapace Armour and Closed Helmet with integrated comms and gas mask

Inconspicuous dress
A Bomber Jacket
Precision Stubber – 2 magazine
Flack Jacket covering Chest and Abs

Kill House Expert
All weapons count there base Encumbrance as being 10 less than normal for the purpose of weapon’s handling


Weapon Proficiencies: Unarmed Combat; Long Range Rifles; Carbines; Revolvers; Heavy Weapons; Hunting Rifles; All thrown grenades; All Grenade Launchers

Weapon Focuses: Semi-Auto Pistols; Laspistols; Sub-Machine guns; Personal Defence Weapons; Assault Rifles; Shotguns; Battle Rifles; Short Sword; Daggers and Knives

Weapon Specializations: Lasrifles


Nikolai Krevchenko (or Trigger) is Lord Markus da Escalie’s longest serving henchman, he was recruited into Inquisitorial duty by Markus whilst on Perlia working training new recruits marksmen skills. Though Markus quickly assumed that Trigger had earned his nickname for his shooting prowess, Trigger quickly “corrected” him by saying that his old squad mates had previously commented on his equine features. This was just a show of things to come as Trigger has the typical sarcastic and cutting squady sense of humour.

Trigger had been serving with Markus for over 2 decades when he met Penelope, Trigger that noticed some of her other traits and mentioned these to Markus. It was only after she was accepted as a potential recruit to Markus’ warband that Trigger realised it was the similarities to his dead lover Ulrika whom he had lost some 26 Terran standards ago. Not only the physical similarities in her eyes and her cheeks but also in her impulsive (almost to the point of recklessness) personality.

Many times during Penelope’s rise through the ranks he has had to chase after her after a near suicidal charge trying to protect her. He realises that saving Penelope will not bring back Ulrika but he still feels guilty about not being able to save Ulrika and this has sometimes had an affect on Trigger’s professionalism.

Within the last few Terran standards Markus has given Penelope individual commands as a means to test her before bestowing the full rank of Inquisitor and Trigger suggested that he go with her as Markus’ eyes during the process. Trigger suspects that Markus knows his true reasons but has not questioned it. Penelope often looked to Trigger for guidance on her Leadership, even though he suggested it on many occasions for her to “get to know the lads” she hadn’t seemed to have taken this on board.

Though he hide this from his comrades, Trigger sometimes falls into quite deep depression over the death of Ulrika, a situation which is not helped by his unjustified guilt thinking he is defiling her memory with his actions regarding Penelope and the absence of his daughter to whom he writes to every week. Unbeknown to him his letters have intercepted by the Inquisition and deemed Classified so have not reached their destination.

Notable Exploits

Nikolai Played a pivotal roll in the rout of the chaos marine Silas and the capture of Heartstopper, a pre heresy bolter

Grenadier Sgt Nikolai Krevchenko AKA "Trigger"

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