A Valkyrie, equiped for troop suppression


A fully equipped Valkyrie Assault Carrier:

WS BS S T I Wp Sg Nv Ld Sp
N/a X N/A 150 X X X X X X

Base injury level: 15
Damage threshold 75


D100 Location Armour Value Check Boxes
01-65 Hull 12 Light / Medium / Heavy
66-70 Hull mounted Heavy Bolter 5 Light / Medium / Heavy
71-85 Turret Mounted Multi-Laser 7 Light / Medium / Heavy
86-100 Tracks 8 Light / Medium / Heavy

Weapons: [All Remote]

1 Multi-Laser
2 Heavy Bolter side Sponsons firing Dragonfire rounds.
2 Multiple Rocket pods*
1 Search Light**


  • Piloted by Jon Crowley or by Another suitable Pilot.
  • Skimmer

**The Search light may be used to light up a target all anyone else within 10 yards. Targets that are lit-up in this way are easier to hit by 10%.

The Rocket Pods have a choice of ammunition to fire:

  • Barrage Rockets
  • Toxin Spray Grenades
  • Super Fragmentation Missiles
  • Monomolecular Grenades

Barrage Rockets
To fire a Barrage Rocket: pick a target and open fire as you would with a grenade launcher. Do this 3 times on one target. Barrage Rockets have a -20% Chance to hit.

The effect is the same as a smoke grenade and a flash grenade going off simultaneously.

Toxin Grenades
Blast 5
Area 4

Damage D6, Heavy Armour Penetration

Toxin Grenades contain the toxin “Twitch” – 1 dose

Monomolecular Grenades (See revised armoury)



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