Skills and Feats

Unless stated otherwise, all of these may only be taken once.

Knowing that to fumble a grenade would have dire consequences the character takes that extra bit of care.

When throwing a grenade weapon if a “Bombardier” rolls a risky action then roll a D6. One the roll of a 1 then proceed with the risky action as normal, on the roll of a 2+ it simply counts as a failed action roll.

Brutal Assault
A character with this skill is highly aggressive in close combat and as the assault develops the character can often overwhelm their opponent within seconds.

A character with this skill has a chance to generate additional attacks in close combat.

Whenever a character hits in close combat and successfully stuns; knock-prone or sends an opponent unconscious then they generate a free bonus attack against anyone else in combat with them. The chance to hit of this bonus attack is half of normal.

Bonus attacks may not generate further additional attacks.

This character has extensive training and experience in the all Warp and daemon related affairs. Usually found on member of the Ordo Malleus or Grey Knights.

A character with this rule gains +X Sagacity to all Sagacity tests concerning daemons; or daemon hunting. This includes a bonus to your characters binding level.

Expert in Bionics:
This character has advanced training and experience in fitting and equipping Bionics.

This has no in-game effect. A character with this feat is a moving reason to integrate characters with bionics.

Flash and Clear:
One of the training exercises some members of the arbites go through is subjecting themselves to the full brunt of the distraction devises they use in combat. This has allowed them to build up a tolerance against devises that they know are coming.

When a Photon Flash Grenade is thrown by an ally they gain +30% to their initiative to not be stunned.

The iron wall of the phalanx is likened to a tank of flesh and steel.

Treat these men as moving pieces of cover.

Some things are annethema to life itself causing those nearby to feel a chill in their very bones.

Any psyker using a psychic power, including activating a force weapon is at half willpower for the test but does not suffer Psychic Overloads. This effect has a range in yards equal to half the number of hit points the Pariah has remaining.

Silent is the night
This character is able to defy the senses and merge with their surroundings to slip past even the most observant of guards.

All tests to detect an character with this ability are at -20%.

This character is especially well trained in technology and engineering. It is often part of the intellectual repertoire of the Adeptus Mechanicus.

A character with this rule gains +X Sagacity to all Sagacity tests concerning: Technology; Engineering; Computing and Manufacturing.

Vicious Blow
This character has learned to channel their fury into a particularly aggressive attack.

A model with Vicious Blow adds +1 to the value of the know back of there close combat attacks.

Weapon Mastery Traits: These three traits are progressive and they build on one another. A character without at least Weapon Proficiency in a weapon will be at -10 Weapon skill or Ballistic Skill when using this weapon and will need to pass a Sagacity test each time they want to reload that weapon.

Weapon Proficiency [Weapon]:
A character with Weapon Proficiency [X] if familiar with this weapon and others of a similar build, weight and design. They may use this weapon using their basic weapon skill or ballistic skill.

Weapons Focus [Weapon]:
A character with weapon focus in a small weapon group will gain +10 Weapon Skill or Ballistic Skill when using these weapons.

Weapons Specialisation [Weapon]:
A character with weapon specialisation in a specific weapon will gain +20 Weapon Skill or Ballistic Skill when using said weapon.

Skills and Feats

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